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mod. HYDROLINK cabled MBUS integrated system for water meters

The M-Bus transmission protocol is used for the remote data reading of any kind of metering devices (electricity, water, gas, etc.). An M-Bus network allows the connection of up to 250 different devices and data reading of each one of them trough a single data concentrator. The data concentrator allows remote reading or/and easy data download to a PC. Our RFM-MB modules allow direct connection of water meters to an M-Bus network, thus eliminating the need of pulse emitting devices and M-Bus signal converting devices. This grants savings over the quantity of equipment used, a dramatic assembly time reduction and a significant installation simplification.

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mod. HYDROLINK radio MBUS integrated system for water meters

The new HYDROLINK system allows the remote collection of the data recorded by the meter thus eliminating any manual operation. It is in fact sufficient for the operator equipped with a PC and receiving module walking by the meter to allow immediate recognition of the end user and automatic storage of the consumption data.

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mod. Pad Puls M2

PadPuls M2 is used to connect 1 or 2 meters with impulse output to a M-Bus network. It is possible to setup the two impulse inputs and adapt them for every kind of impulse emitter.PadPuls M2 will automatically assign a M-BUS secondary address to every input.Using a M-BUS Master and the MBCONFIG software (free on demand) it will be possible to manage the following setup:
primary M-Bus address
conversion of the read impulse in kWh, m3, J or other physical units
impulse value
current date
double registration date
fare modality
With the fare modality it is possible to connect a switch on the first input and the meter with pulse output on the second one, in order to commutate two different kinds of fare.The usage of PadPuls M2 is particularly indicated for consumption boxes where it is necessary to connect 2 water meters with impulse output and one heat meter with M-BUS output in order to subsequently collect all the data through the M-BUS concentrator.

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